An affiliate is an entrepreneur who places the merchant’s website link on his own website. Majority of them are portals, news & information, charity & loyalty, mails, e-mails, newsletters, contests & sweepstakes and personal homepages. The merchant will pay the Affiliate on Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) or Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) basis. This gives him an incentive and, ultimately, other people to place a link on the website. ‘Partner’ and ‘Advertisers’ are the other marketing term for affiliates.


eAffiliatez has over 1000 merchants benefiting from its vast network. The merchants usually sell different kind of products and they provide commission if you bring them customers through your site. The process is very straightforward – as an affiliate you decide which merchants to promote. We guarantee the confidentiality of your information before you apply for any program for the merchant. Therefore, there arises no question of spam. Secondly, using your web traffic, e-mail newsletters and other marketing tools that you have – you decide how to promote a merchant.

When commissions are generated, you can see your stats in real-time. Your payments are secure with eAffiliatez.com. You receive the collective payment through one check. The Merchants make the payment up-front to ensure that you get your commissions on time.

Can I Be One?

If you are an entrepreneur with maximum traffic, get paid extra by just providing a link to the Merchant’s site. Just browse through eAffiliatez.com and find out what our merchants are selling and what fits you best. eAffiliatez Affiliate Marketing Program offers you better opportunities to earn more commissions from your website traffic. Join today!

Steps Involved

There is an issue of authorization because every marketing plan works on certain organizational structure that includes application system and principles that are to be followed. It requires strict management of users and access to right. Not everyone can get be an affiliate; however by following certain simple guidelines you can be one. The basic criterion for becoming an affiliate is similar to the merchant’s realm.
- You must have a website or an URL.


Available Sign-up features can easily be used to complete the customer registration process. The sign-up provides full flexibility and dynamically adapts to various sign-up options automatically.
Thank you for showing interest in filling the form. Just select a username and password and fill out the form as accurately as possible. If you are selected we will get back to you as soon as possible at the email address provided. See you again!


Simple pattern, easy process with special features –
eAffiliatez.com allows independent/corporate websites the opportunity to match their existing content with links to other websites, and get paid for it. Basically, you sign up for eAffiliatez.com, browse through our available Merchant programs, and select the ones that are best for you. Whenever someone goes to your site, clicks through a banner that you selected from eAffiliatez.com, you earn money; a portion of that sale, or a fixed amount for a lead or a hit.

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