The Affiliate Marketing Industry needs your help. As many of you are aware, some States are considering or have passed legislation which forces online retailers to collect sales tax if they have Affiliates in those states. We all need to get involved and contact our local representatives no matter what State we live in.

There is more information on how to help on our blog here

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Performance Marketing is one of the most powerful and effective customer acquisition tools available to an online Merchant. As a Merchant - you decide the commission structure to pay - and only pay when results come in.

Established in 2000, ShareASale provides award winning technology and service which will enable you to connect with a network of established Affiliates as well as recruit new ones to your program.

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There are currently over 2,000 Merchants
[[ click to preview ]] plugged in to the ShareASale Network. Each of these merchants has a different type of product that they are selling - and each is ready to commission you on that sale if you bring a customer to them.

The idea - and the implementation - are simple. You decide which merchants to promote and how to promote them, and when commissions are generated, you can see your stats in real-time. All payments are consolidated from the programs you participate in, and are paid with one check or direct deposit by ShareASale.

ShareASale has a strict "No Software" policy which means you will not have to deal with affiliates utilizing Adware, Toolbars, or other desktop software.

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We encourage you to do the same.

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