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Third Screen Media Launches 'Rich Media Everywhere'
April 1, 2009
Third Screen Media introduced "Rich Media Everywhere" -- a new solution that lets advertisers run rich media campaigns across all mobile devices, browsers and applications. Eric Bosco, Platform-A's Senior Vice President of Operations and Product Management, said "until now, advertisers who wanted rich ad content were forced to develop ads device-by-device.

Platform-A Announces the First Device-Agnostic Rich Media Mobile Ad Format
March 31, 2009
"Rich Media Everywhere" allows one rich media campaign to run across all mobile devices, browsers and applications
Research and Case Studies
Promises, promises? We’ve got results, results. Like these:

We retarget, the Caps score: How did we slice through DC area sports marketing competition and helped the Caps score brand awareness and increased ticket sales? Check out our ads with an increase in CTRs of 1358%

Good-looking apparel results: How do you improve a sports apparel client improve their conversion rate by over 300% and their click through rate by over 500%? Click here to find out.

Political influence: How do you get voters attention when they are already feel like the election has gone on for four years? Click here to find out.

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