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As you already may know, the term „Affiliate Programs” are programs through which a merchant pays commissions to his affiliates in exchange for generating clicks, leads, or sales. Also, you can meet other terms such as „associate programs”, „partner programs”, „referral programs”, or „revenue sharing programs”. It is the same thing in general, just named differently.

At Click2Sell we call it Affiliate Programs as we have many active affiliates who are part of our integrated affiliate network and merchants who promote their products and their programs to affiliates. This relationship between merchant and affiliate gives better sense to call those programs - affiliate programs.

The mechanism of participating in affiliate program typically is the following: merchant joins affiliate programs network and lists his products in Online Marketplace. Then Affiliates sign up with a merchant‘s affiliate program and start to advertise his products. For all successful sales merchant pays affiliate a commission, based on affiliate program conditions. In some affiliate programs reward for affiliate endeavor can be based on new user registrations or any other user action. In order to assign commissions for sold products to certain affiliates correctly, most often affiliate programs are helped by affiliate tracking programs, which track every visitor, best converting keywords, every sale and other essential to online marketing information.

You may find a lot of affiliate programs in Click2Sell Online Marketplace. We review each listed program manually, so only quality affiliate programs can be found there. Also, for your convenience we made few separate lists:

Top Affiliate Programs - find the best selling and the most profitable affiliate programs!
Reliable Affiliate Programs - programs with 0% or very low refund rate
Most popular Affiliate Programs - list of products highly promoted by affiliates

We are absolutely sure that you can also be successful with any of those programs and earn good money for a living.

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Click2Sell Affiliate Marketing Network can be a valuable support to your business and help you to become a successful Internet marketer or get into the top of most successful affiliates in the world. Whether you’re just beginning your carrier as Internet marketer or already have experience in Internet marketing field - Click2Sell Affiliate Programs Network is the right place for you. Welcome to our community!

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