AffiliateMarketingNetwork.Net is the 'Official Open' Affiliate Network. It is a free, open platform on which affiliates and merchants using their own personal affiliate program or ours can meet and create profitable relationships.

Unlike traditional networks which are extremely standardized, controlled, bogged down with network commission fees, AffiliateMarketingNetwork.Net is an open, free affilite marketing network. Both affiliates and merchants can work with whomever they choose, on their own terms and "FREE Will" - and without handing over a cent of their profits.

AffiliateMarketingNetwork.Net merchants can use our affiliate network to come in contact with and build affilliate relationships in an 'open' environment while using their own private affiliate software/program. There is no additional charge for establishing any contact nor for continuing any contact. Affiliate Marketing Network merchants also enjoy the benefit of 'No Network Commissions' - all revenue generated between a merchant and an affiliate stays with those two parties, AffiliateMarketingNetwork.Net does not demand a percentage of a sale between a merchant and an affiliate whatsoever.

Our 'No Network Commissions' is especially beneficial to affiliates who are used to sharing their earnings with a network. With AffiliateMarketingNetwork.Net, all of the commissions totally belong to the affiliate.

The AffiliateMarketingNetwork.Net Advantage for Merchants:
Affiliate Marketing Network merchants can now have all the benefits of running a private program with their own private affiliate software or ours with access to our open network of affiliates.

The AffiliateMarketingNetwork.Net Advantage for Affiliates:
Affiliates can join new programs very easily with the AffiliateMarketingNetwork.Net's 'On-Page' email contact function.

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